Ben Yafai

Advent Of Code

1st December 2023

2023 - Day 1


I'm new to #AdventOfCode, it popped up on my Mastodon timeline and I thought why not take part?

Part one I thought was quite simple. I saved the list as a txt file, opened it and iterated over each line.

The magic was this:


Like others, I had a bit of trouble on part two parsing the twone and oneight strings.

I ended up finding the position of each word-number and seeing which was earliest, then replacing only that instance with the integer.

Then, remove all non-digits and get our first and last digits in the string.


I essentially repeated that but used strrpos to do the check in reverse to get the last digit.

Looking back, I have a mess of code, but it works. For a bit of fun, that's okay.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's challenge.

My full responses are found on GitHub