Ben Yafai

Subscriptions 2024

30th January 2024


So late last year I listed my subscriptions here, and it drove me to actually do something about them.

This post will be largely the same, but I'll strike through the things that have changed.


Ivory (£14.99 per year)

After trying so many Mastodon apps, I keep bounce between this and the official Mastodon app. Some of the smaller UI elements in Ivory stick out to me that keep me using it as my main app.

Carrot (£8.99 per year)

I've been using this weather app for a number of years now, no issues, likely to be around for a while.

Overcast (£8.99 per year)

I've come back to Overcast after a few years in Apple Podcast as my current car doesn't have CarPlay, so I have to do a lot more control by voice.

Overcast has much better Stations, where I can specify the shows and order to play them. Shortcuts integration is better too.

I'm months behind on my podcasts since I commuted less during covid, which was my main listening time. I'm catching up and Overcast makes it easier.

Total = £32.97 per year ~ £2.75 per month


Apple Arcade (Included below)

Very happy with this - when my youngest wants a game on the iPad it must come from Apple Arcade, I know it'll be a decent game with no adverts.

Xbox Game Pass (£12.99 per month)

I've cancelled the Game Pass, we just don't use it.

Nintendo (£32 per year)

The kids use it, but rarely. Can probably go too.

NYT Games (£3 every 4 weeks)

This is for me. I play the games daily, it's going nowhere.

Total = £71 per year ~ £5.91 per month


Apple TV+ (Included below)

I like it, not the biggest library but generally all good quality.

Netflix Premium (£23 per month)

How much?! I pay for the 4K, and my extended family took advantage of the extra profiles, but after the recent clampdown I was all but certain Netflix was going to go. We do watch it, but not as often as a few years ago.

However, a family member has thrown some money at me to get the cheaper additional login, so it'll stay for a little bit until that expires, and I'll figure it out then.

Disney+ Premium (£79.90 per year)

Disney have a wide catalogue that I generally like. Star Wars and Marvel are loved by the kids, and I'm probably watching more TV series here than Netflix currently.

Amazon Prime (£95 per year)

TV and Movies are okay, but we like the delivery too. Kind of useful.

Now TV Entertainment (£3 per month)

Its days are numbered!

Total = £486.9 per year ~ £40.58 per month


Newsblur (£19 per year)

Smart RSS reader that I've been subscribed for 10 years so far.

Which? (£9 per month)

As I mentioned last year, I don't need this anymore as the projects are done.

Total = £19 per year ~ £1.58 per month

Email & Hosting

Apple Premier One (£36.95 per Month)

This includes iCloud storage for photos and device backups, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+, all are used regularly in my household.

It also includes Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ but these aren't really used at all. I did check out pricing the individual components but it's better to keep them included.

This is shared with 4 other family members and considering the included services is a pretty fair price.

Microsoft 365 (£80 per year)

I have a Family plan, as a bunch of us use office for school or home-based work, my wife and I use the extended OneDrive storage for iPhone photo backup too.

I also have a bunch of 365 exchange plans for extended family members too (partially paid by work so not included in these totals) and is our primary email service. I don't use the custom domain in 365 Family as it's too restrictive.

I make good use of the shared mailboxes, they are great for younger family members who can have their own Apple ID, Xbox ID etc but the email can be accessed/managed by the parents.

When they get older, we'll license the mailbox, and they can login in themselves.

Proton Unlimited (10.32 per month)

SimpleLogin (£3.15 per month)

I mentioned that I like Proton a lot, but I really didn't use it.

Well, the functions I actually liked were mainly from Simplelogin, which I can subscribe to on its own for much less.

I now use it as the main MX records for all my secondary domains too, very useful. (£48 per year) Cool domain, email forwarding, basic hosting, pastebin, Mastodon, IRC, statuslog... A whole bunch of services for a reasonable price.

I have a few different addresses with a number of years prepaid on each. It'll be around for a while!

OCI (~£2.40 per month)

I have a few servers here, hosting Mastodon, Matrix, this site, other sites, a whole bunch.

I've been taking advantage of the 'forever-free' tier and adding some extra bits on, so my costs are fairly low.

I used AWS before and compared the prices should the 'free' tier ever go away and it still worked out better in OCI, so I'm not too worried if anything changes.

Bunny CDN (£1 per month)

My sites don't get much traffic, so my usage is low. I don't need it but being so low cost, I like having it around.

This year, I actually moved all my DNS to Bunny too, as nice a system as DNSimple, but lower cost.

dnsimple (£4.30 per month)

Ionos (£21 per month)

I have a single domain with Ionos now, but the hosting is gone at last!

Total = £650 per year ~ £54.17 per month


I'm happy to report that I spend £1259.87 a year, averaged out as £104.99 per month.

I'll have gained around £653.52 in yearly savings, assuming I keep things as they are for 2024, thanks to kind internet folk who encouraged me to actually look at my spending habits!


Other notes


I have a free family plan as part of work subscription but would pay myself otherwise.


Not counted in the above, I have around 44 40 domains, including some for me, my family members and their businesses - £642 per year. Eek.

I've whittled down my domains to only 40 and moved registrars. My new total is now £484 per year, saving £158 per year!